Application Properties



Application Settings

EnviroInsite's application-level properties are retained between executions of the program irrespective of whether or not a particular document is saved.  The application-level properties may be accessed and changed by selecting File -> Application Settings from the program drop-down menu.




Search for Files in Document Folder - EnviroInsite document files contain the full path the of the files used in an application of EnviroInsite.  This would include for instance data files, CAD files, image files, layout templates, etc.  By placing a check at this option, then when loading a document file EnviroInsite will first search at the specified path contained in that file.  If not at that path, then EnviroInsite will look for the file with the file name and extension in the folder containing the EnviroInsite document being opened and all subfolders.  This option is particularly useful for transferring EnviroInsite documents between computers.  If there is no check at this option then EnviroInsite will only look for files at the exact path specified in the file and then prompt the user to search for the file.