Boring Logs



Boring Logs

Boring log sheets are the full page boring log descriptions that appear in the appendices of most site characterization reports.  The generation of boring logs in EnviroInsite are facilitated by the Log Design window that enables the user to create new boring log formats or to reproduce existing company formats.  Once generated, these formats may be saved as xml template files that can be restored in future projects.

Data plotted in the boring logs is stored in the Wells, Borings, Point Values, and Fill tables in the EnviroInsite database files.  The user may use the standard EnviroInsite fields for storage of well id, strata, or coordinate data, however they are not constrained by the standard field list.  Users may also elect to create their own set of fields within the Wells and Borings tables.  Custom fields within the Wells table are used for posting text or numeric data in the log header areas.  Custom fields within the Borings tables are used for posting numeric data or text descriptions associated with the strata intervals and appear in the downhole portion of the log reports.  The Point Values table stores data that is posted in the downhole portion of the log reports that is not necessarily associated with a strata interval.  It may be used to post text comments, or to report point measurements such as as PID measurements or blow-counts.

Click here to recorded webinar on creation of boring logs in EnviroInsite.

Click here to recorded webinar on creation of boring logs in EnviroInsite using the EarthSoft EQuIS database.

Page Layout

The log report is divided into five parts.  From top to bottom these are the:

1.Page Header,

2.Data Header,

3.Title Block,

4.Downhole, and

5.Page Footer. 

Fields and graphic objects placed in the Data Header will appear on only the first page of the boring log report.  All other portions will be generated on every page of the report.

Data fields available for placement are listed in the three windows on the right hand side of the log design window.  Double-clicking on one of these fields will result in the field being placed at a default location within the report design.  The field may then be selected and dragged to the desired location.  Downhole field box widths may be resized by selecting the box and dragging the corner sizing rectangles.

Images, lines, text and rectangles may be added to a log report by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.

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