Concentration Units



EQuIS EnviroInsite Concentration Units

The concentration units are selected from the first instance of the analyte and media matching your selection in rt_mth_anl_group_member. The program will first look to reporting_units in this table and if not populated it will use the value in default_units. These values can be set by creating analyte groups in EQuIS. If no units are found using this approach then the program will create a query that binds dt_sample, dt_result, dt_test, and rt_analyte and select the first instance where the chemical name and media match the values of rt_analyte.chemical_name and dt_sample.matrix_code. If found it will then use the value in dt_result.result_unit.


You may override the default concentration units by opening the EQuIS Options dialog box and selecting the units tab.  From there, enter the EQuIS analyte, matrix, and fraction and the concentration units you want to use.  If the units are different from what's stored in EQuIS lab results tables then make sure that you have the necessary unit conversion values defined in EQuIS.