Sample Interval



EQuIS EnviroInsite Sample Interval

EnviroInsite needs to know the sample or depth interval for plotting of data on x-sections or in 3d.  Although dt_sample of the EQuIS database contains sample depths, for those cases like well screens where there are repeat samples from the same interval it may not be advisable to use those values since different users may enter them with different depths.  In those cases, an alternative location for the sample intervals would be a record in the EQuIS dt_well_segment data table.  The option to use dt_well_segment for the sample interval is selected by the EnviroInsite user by indicating the dt_sample.matrix values that should be associated with an interval record in dt_well_segment.  Not all records within dt_well_segment will be treated as a sample interval.  The sample interval records are those where the value is consistent with a user-selected field value.  These options are all selectable from the Sample Interval Horizon tab of the EQuIS Options dialog box.