Profile Chart



Profile Chart

Profile charts are ideal for downhole plotting of geophysical data. 

Click here to view a training video on the Profile Chart



Constituent List - select one constituent whose values will be plotted.  Only constituents with a Media field value of "Point Values" in the Constituents table are listed here for selection

Well - select well(s) to be plotted

Class - select Class field value for filtering of well selection

Capture Distance - Set Capture Distance to define a query distance from the cross-section.




Width - plot width

Text height - specify text height

Fill Color - select fill color by hitting color button

Line Color - select line color by hitting color button

Porosity - specify effective porosity to be used in calculation of particle tracks

Draw Start Pts. - press button to draw polyline showing location of start points

Line thickness - horizontal line thickness

Horizontal offset - offset of downhole value plot from location directly next to the location at which the sample is taken.



Minimum - Set the axis minimum.

Maximum - Set the axis maximum.

Digits Right of Decimal - Set the number of digits right of the decimal to be included in the axis labels.

Log Scale - Elect to plot values using log transform of numeric values.

Scientific Notation - Elect to plot values in axis using scientific notation.



Grid Lines - elect to plot grid lines.

Interval - specify numeric value between grid lines