Cross Sections



Cross Section

Building a Cross Section in EnviroInsite is easy to do and once in the cross-section you can select from most of the same options available for plotting in plan views.  To create a cross section, open the task pane on the right-hand side of the EnviroInsite interface and select Cross-Section.  Then use the mouse and click points with the left button to define the cross section.  Use a double-click at the last point or hit the right mouse button to complete the selection.  EnviroInsite will then automatically open a new window and create a cross-section plot, with a key map showing the location of the cross-section on your plan map view.  You can always switch between cross-section and plan views by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the plot window.  If you decide that you want to modify the profile points you can select the profile line in the plan map window where it was defined and drag the points to their new locations.


By default the bedrock surface and ground surface on cross-sections is plotted based on the contents of the Surface Elevation field in the Wells table and the deepest borehole or well.  You can provide your own ground surface or bedrock surface by editing the Profile plot object that is automatically created when the cross-section is generated.  Double-click within the shaded area to bring up the dialog box for this profile plot.  Then go to the Data tab and select the file that contains either the bedrock or ground surface information.  This should be a comma delimited file, with each line containing an x, y, z value.  Also, place a check in the box that indicates that you want to use an external elevation file.


Click here to view a training video on creating cross-sections in EnviroInsite.