Single-Seat License



Single Seat License Activation

The 30-day trial version of EnviroInsite is fully capable of doing everything that the licensed version can do.  Beyond 30 days, the trial version will expire.  If your trial has expired, you will still be able to load a viz or xml file to view what you had previously created, but the menu items will otherwise be inactivated. 


The procedure for activation is as follows:


1.Send your system id to EarthSoft.  EnviroInsite generates a system id based on your hardware characteristics.  These characteristics are encrypted and used to generate a 16-character code that we refer to as a system id.  

2.Receive email from EarthSoft with your activation code.  Start EnviroInsite, select Help –> Activate´┐Ż  and hit the Get Code button.   This will start an email client.  Complete the company information and send this  The support team at EarthSoft will review your request for an activation code and return the code -- typically within 24 hours.  Some clients have reported problems with getting the email client to start.  If this occurs then start EnviroInsite and select Help –> About.  Copy and paste the 16-digit system id from this dialog box into an email message.  Send that, along with your name, company, email address, and date of license purchase and we will get you information to activate your program.

3.Activate EnviroInsite.  Start EnviroInsite and select Help->Activate.  Hit the Activate button and copy and paste the activation code into the edit box.  Hit the OK button.  Your version of EnviroInsite is now permanently activated.