Bing Maps



Bing Maps

Access to maps from Microsoft's Bing Maps service is obtained through a third-party service provided by OnTerra.  The image obtained from Bing Maps will automatically be georeferenced to either UTM or US State Plane coordinates.  The destination coordinate system and zone is selected from the View Options dialog.  Click here to view a training video on Bing Maps in EnviroInsite.


Here are the steps to sign up for OnTerra's Bing Maps service.

1.Register for the free trial at 

2.Then make your purchase at  Once you’ve made the purchase OnTerra will send you a code.

3.When you get the code you should start EnviroInsite and select Help -> Bing Maps Code… 

4.Then enter the code that you received from OnTerra and click OK. 

5.To test the service, select View -> Go To Location and enter New York City, NY as the address and click on OK. 

6.Then select Insert -> Bing Maps and click OK at the next dialog box. You should see a map of lower Manhattan.