Explode Object

Exploding an CAD or Shapefile plot object breaks the object down into a collection of its basic primitives.  You can then edit particular line segments or text strings to customize a graphic object in a way that would not otherwise be possible.  Exploding objects is also done prior to draping the object over some surface as might be done to convert a 2d CAD file to a 3d image draped over the ground surface.

Inserted CAD files are saved in the EnviroInsite session files as links to the original CAD file.  Other graphics such as plotted wells, charts, tables, etc. are saved as plots of accessed data.  When any of these objects are exploded, the properties of the graphic primitives are exposed for editing.  Also, when the session file is saved, the exploded object is saved as a collection of primitives, rather than as a hot-link to a data source, and a set of instructions for how the data is displayed.

To explode a graphic object, first select the object using the mouse left button.  Once an object has been selected, its grip box or grip boxes are displayed on the screen.  Then select modify-explode from the EnviroInsite menu.  Alternately, after selecting the object, click the right mouse button and select explode from the displayed menu.  The object is automatically exploded and the primitives are shown in the object control tree.