Transfer Single-Seat License



Transfer License

You can transfer EnviroInsite between computers, however we like to make sure that the license has been removed from the first computer before providing an activation code on the new computer.  To transfer licenses follow this procedure:

1.Run EnviroInsite on your old computer and select Help – Transfer License

2.Record the license transfer code

3.Download the latest setup file from and install the program on your new computer

4.Run EnviroInsite on the new computer and get the system id from the About EnviroInsite dialog box

5.Send both the license transfer code (from the old computer) and the system id (from the new computer) to

6.We will send back to you the activation code for the new computer

7.Run EnviroInsite on the new computer and select Help -> Activate.  Then hit the Activate button and copy and paste the activation code into the edit box.  Hit the OK button.