Time-History Charts



Time-History Charts

EnviroInsite allows for the generation of tiled time-history charts.  These are similar in appearance and features to the georeferenced time-history charts, but are presented in this case as tiled objects.



Click here to view a training video on creating time-history charts in EnviroInsite.




Line Format

Time Axis


Left Axis


Right Axis





Max. Gap to Plot Line (days)  -  indicate the maximum inter-value gap in days for which connecting line will be drawn.  If the gap between two points exceeds that duration then no line will be drawn.



EnviroInsite uses the Sen Slope method described in EPA/240/B-06/003 for plotting of trend lines. The Sen Slope is a non-parametric method calculated as the median of the slope between all measurement pairs.  The trend line is set to pass through a point set to the median of the sample dates and the median of the plotted values.