Report Graphics

EnviroInsite generates high-resolution, report quality graphics for use in printed oversize maps, documents and presentations.  

Copy View

The simplest means of transferring a map window image is by copy and paste through the MS Windows clipboard.  First compose the image in the Insite window.  Then select Edit -> Copy View.  This will automatically copy the window contents to the MS Windows clipboard for pasting into other applications.  Open the recipient document window and select Edit -> Paste. 

If pasting into a Microsoft product, the image will typically have a margin.  This margin can be reduced within MS Word for example, by a right-click on the picture and selecting Format Picture.  Go to the Picture tab and modify the Crop from values to reduce or eliminate the margin.



Layouts allow the user to select which portion of a mapped image to present and formats within a title block.  Printing or saving an image from a layout provides several advantages over printing directly from the model view.  The plot image is clipped to a user-specified rectangle and is sized to fit printer-specific page sizes in landscape or portrait.  Layouts also have automatically generated title blocks, with area for off-map location of plot legends.

In order to create a layout, select Layouts -> New and select two points to define the rectangular layout plot window.  Then select the page size, the title block size, the title block location, and whether you want the layout to appear in landscape or portrait mode.  To switch back to model view, select Layouts -> Model.