Export CAD, Shapefile, or Metafile (DWG / DXF / SHP / EMF)

Plan view and profile view map window images can be exported to CAD files for later editing, printing, file storage or file transfers.  Select File-Export-CAD/Metafile and then indicate the filename. Exported DXF, DWG and SHP files  include the entire map window image, including portions of the window outside the current view.  The EMF file format include only what is in the EnviroInsite map window at the time the the file is generated.  When an shapefile is exported, shapefiles are generated containing polygons, arcs, points, and text labels in separate files.  Associated DBF and SHX files are generated as well.  The DBF file contains object properties (color, fill style index, text string, text height, text alignment indices, and text rotation).