Data Grid



Data Grid

The data grid, located below the view, contains the results of the same query that is used to generate the selected plot object.  For instance, in the image below, the data grid has been expanded by grabbing the line above the grid and dragging it upward.  The grid contains the data that has been used to create the selected Classed Post object in the Plot Control panel.  The data grid can play a few tricks that can assist you in working with this dataset.


Copy and Paste to Excel - Right-click in the grid area and select Copy.  Then open Excel and paste the data.

Print - Right-click in the grid area and select Print.

Filter Data in the Grid - Click any one of the funnels in the column headers and filter the data by selecting or removing checks at the values.

Click in the cells where it says "Contains" and enter a value to search for.

Click in any one of the cells in the row below the column header and select from a list of options that allow you to filter the data in other ways

Sort the data by clicking in anyone of the column headers.

Drag a column header up to the allocated space above the grid to group by the cell contents in the dragged column.