Preview / Print

EnviroInsite can print to any MS Windows printer accessible to your computer.  To print, first set up the view to show only what you want to print.  In doing so, you may want to modify the view shape to reduce the amount of white space around whatever you have in your plot window.  Then select File -> Print and the print preview window will appear.  You can then modify the plot margins, the paper orientation, the printed scale, and select to print in color or black and white. 

Click here to view a training video on printing to a particular scale.

Scale  -  In most cases you will want to select Scale to Fit to get your image to fill the entire printed page.  You can select a particular print scale by entering values under Printer Units and Drawing Units and removing the check from Scale to Fit.

Preview Options - Select Full Preview to see the image as it will be printed.  Otherwise, under Partial Preview, you will see only where the plot window will appear on the printed page.

Print Area  -  You can also select a portion of the window to print by selecting window in the print area portion of the dialog and then hit the Pick button.  Next use the mouse to select the window that you want to print and the print preview window will return. 

Update Preview  -  Hit the Update Preview when you have made changes to the dialog box and want to see how the printed page will change

Print  -  Hit the print button when you are ready to print

Select Printer  -  You can select any MS Windows compatible printer by hitting the Select Printer button and have access to all of the print setup options.