Scatter Plot



Scatter Plot

Scatter plots are frequently used in assessments of geochemistry to understand the correlation between multiple analytes. To create a scatter plot select Window - New - Scatter Plot from the EnviroInsite main menu. This will open a new window. Then select Plot - Scatter Plot. Edit the query dialog box entries to select the plotted analytes and other data query options. Then edit the axes and symbol properties on the other dialog tab sheets.

Multiple plots can be placed on a single sheet by electing to make more than one scatter plots in a single window. You might do so for instance to see differences in the relation of the two parameters at different wells, different well classes, or different dates. You can in each case select a different symbol color or style to highlight these differences.

You can also plot the well id labels next to the symbols in order to look at how the parameters correlate at different wells. The well label option is selected from the Options tab sheet.

Click here to view a training video on scatter plots


The List button enables you to select individual wells for which pie charts are to be drawn.  Select the Draw Rectangle button to change the query-rectangle coordinates by point-and-click in the plot window.

Data Transform


Well Name

Screen Name


Date From / To

Min. / Max. Depth

Min. / Max. Elevation

Query rectangle coordinates

Ignore Coordinates - check to not screen based on coordinates


Horizontal / Vertical Axis




First Label

Interval  -  Specify the interval between labels on the vertical axis (when log scale is chosen, the interval is integral powers of 10 (0.01, 0.1, etc.))

Digits Right of Decimal  -  Select the number of digits right of the decimal shown on the vertical axis

Log Scale  -  Check to plot using a log scale

Scientific Notation  -  Check to post values on axis using scientific notation

Grid Lines




Symbol Style  -  Specify the size of the plotted symbol

Radius  - Specify the symbol radius

Outline Color

Background Color

Axes Text Style

Axes Text Height

Axes Tick Length









Plot Well Name

Plot Date

Label Text Style / Height / Color




Line / Callout box




Location relative to well

Distance  -  default distance between well and chart

Optimize Locations - Elect to run optimization routine to reduce overlap between time history charts using genetic algorithm.

# Iterations  -  indicate number of iterations to be used in optimization routine