Page Layouts




EnviroInsite can generate a page layout that includes a title and subtitle, border area, and logo.  One of the great advantages of using a title block generated within Environmental EnviroInsite is that you can specify the portion of the plot to be included, with everything outside automatically cropped out.  Page layouts are also persistent, so if there is a particular plot area that you will commonly generate output for the page layout can facilitate this.  Layouts can be created, named, and deleted.   

Click here to view a training video on the application of Layouts.

Click here to view a training video on the modification of layout windows.

Creating a Layout - To generate a new Layout, select Layouts - New and select two points defining a rectangle that outlines the area to be included within the layout.  Then select the page orientation, page size and border and margin width.  To switch out of the page layout mode and back to model mode select Layouts - Model.  You can also switch directly to other page layouts by selecting Layouts and the other layout name.

Switching Between Layouts and Model mode - Multiple layouts may be generated for a single view.  Then you may switch between layout views or from layout to model view by selecting the layout control at the bottom of the view window.

Editing a Layout

Layout Properties - Properties that can be modified are the layout name, the bounding coordinates of the layout viewport, the image file used to store a corporate logo and the scale of the logo image on the page.

Page Setup - Select the layout paper size and orientation, the size of internal and exterior margins, the title block width, and the location of the title block.

Titles - Titles, title text style, and title text height can all be modified.  Layout titles can be moved by selecting the title with the mouse and dragging it to a new position on the page.

Layout Options

Plan View

Draw - Image primitives (polylines, text, and rectangles), north arrows, map scales, images, and CAD files can be displayed in layout mode.  These objects are removed by selecting the object and hitting the delete key.  These drawn objects do not appear in the plot control panel.


Frequently, in creating a page layout it is desirable to locate the plot object legends in the page border space.  To generate the plot object legends, select Edit -> Reset Legends.  This will cause all legends that are turned on within the model space to be plotted in the page layout.  These legends can then be dragged to the desired location.  They can also be edited to modify their size and style.  Legends can be removed by selecting and hitting the Delete key.


Layout templates can be created to save the page size, page orientation, logo, margin size, and title block to a formatted xml file.  These templates can be used to create a standard page layout that can be read in and used with other projects.  Because it's an xml file it can be edited with a text editor allowing you to customize the template for specific projects.  To create a Layout Template, select the layout and select File - Template - Save.  To load the template, again select the layout and select File - Template - Read.