Plot Control Tree



Plot Control Tree View

The object tree control is used to control the plot order.  It also allows for easy access to plot objects to allow them to be edited, deleted, or to toggle the visibility of an object on and off. The control center is initially docked to the left of the screen, but can be moved to any location by selecting in the gray area around the tree control and dragging it to some other location.  Objects are plotted in the order in which they are listed in the plot control tree.  This means that if you are working in 2d-plan or on a profile that the objects at the bottom of the list will plot over items earlier up on the list.  You may select and drag an object downward on the tree control if it is being covered by another object.

What can you do from the Plot Control Tree View?  Right-click and object and select from the context-sensitive menu

Click for information on exploding objects

Click for information on exporting properties

Turn an object on or off -- Find the check box associated with the object and click it with the mouse.  This will toggle the object on or off.

Change the order that objects are drawn - Images are drawn in the order in which they are listed in the control center. Images at the top are drawn first and end up being covered by objects further down in the list.  To change the plot order simply select an image from the control center list and drag it (while holding down the mouse button) to a new position.  Release the mouse button to stop dragging.

In some cases, it may be possible to control parts of an image.  For instance, when plotting wells, the label of each well will be shown independently in the control center.  To find it, select the plus sign to the left of the well object name in the control center.  Then right click the well name and edit the text properties or turn the label on or off using the check box.