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June 2016

Development News...

EnviroInsite Knowledge Base

It's time for EnviroInsite's documentation to catch up with the code.  We're going online with a knowledge base being built at a  Check it out.

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Training Video Library

Nothing more powerful than a focused video that tells you how to do some particular task in an expansive program like EnviroInsite.  We're developing a library of videos just like that.  The ultimate location to host is being worked out, but you can see them in their temporary home by clicking here.  

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One-Minute EI

Delivered a "Why EnviroInsite" presentation to the recent EQuIS Midwest User Group meeting in St. Paul.  That presentation included a one-minute video of mostly client-work that highlight EnviroInsite's features.  Click here to view.

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Come See Us At...

Pacific Northwest EQuIS User Group

I'll be learning the latest news on EQuIS development and sharing my own news on EnviroInsite for EQuIS K'Nect and other goodies for EQuIS users. Click here for meeting announcement.

Seattle, July 15, 2016

EnviroInsite Training Workshop

HDR has offered to host the next EnviroInsite training workshop in Mahwah, New Jersey on July 25 and 26.  Email for more info.

$99 - early-bird sign up through end of June.  

$250 - after June 30.

Click here to view workshop announcement.

Mahwah, New Jersey, July 25 and 26

International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy

Watch out for the EnviroInsite exhibitor booth and please do stop by to say hello if you will be attending.  If you've never been, this is one of the truly great conferences.

Amherst, Massachusetts, October 17 - 20, 2016, 


Our Client's Turn...

Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.
Grand Forks, Management of Community Water Wells

Piteau Associates was tasked with developing a groundwater management strategy for Grand Forks, British Columbia that complements the City's aquifer protection planning.  Piteau made use of the advanced georeferenced time-history charts in EnviroInsite to characterize aquifer water quality relative to the City's water supply wells and to visualize the well capture zones and existing land uses.

Here' the location of the water supply wells and their capture zones.
Nitrate concentrations - time and space (nicely done)
Chloride Concentrations
Land Uses and Capture Zones

Our Story

Originally written in 2002 as a tool for internal use at HydroAnalysis, the reaction of clients and other consultants made it clear that there was a need for a comprehensive and affordable data analysis tool tuned to the needs of environmental scientists and engineers working on hydrogeologic projects. Driven by continued internal use and testing and feedback from clients, the EnviroInsite feature set has grown rapidly as we continue to follow technical trends to make the program available to more people and easier to use than ever.

Thank you for your continued interest in EnviroInsite. Please send us a note if you would like more information on how EnviroInsite might be used at your office or have ideas for ongoing development.

Why EnviroInsite?

Piper diagrams, Stiff diagrams, and Schoeller diagrams enable you to analyze geochemistry. Fence diagrams, strip logs, and geologic modeling enable understanding of the hydrogeologic setting. Beyond that, georeferenced radial diagrams, Stiff diagram, pie charts, 3d surfaces, and particle tracking afford you tools to better understand the complex spatial and temporal relationships in your environmental data.

Tired of waiting for GIS staff to process your request? It's time to take control! EnviroInsite's expansive feature set leverages the power of the database to analyze your data in ways that would not be practical when divided between a handful of disparate applications.

The true power of EnviroInsite comes when staff work together using a single core application. Imagine for instance creating a document with multiple word processing applications or when only specially trained staff have access. That's standard operating procedure in analysis and visualization of environmental data. EnviroInsite provides the means to put that approach behind us.

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