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May 2016

Development News...

Group Names in Spider Diagrams

Spider diagrams, data boxes, data tables, or chem-boxes -- whatever you call them, EnviroInsite seems to have a near monopoly on this capability. Don't believe me then try doing it in ArcGIS. We've advanced one-step forward by allowing constituent groups to be selected and their names used as sub headers.

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Multi-Line / Memo Style Text Boxes

EnviroInsite now supports multi-line text boxes. Set the box width to allow the text to wrap itself or type in hard-returns (ctrl-enter) to control the line length.  This was done at a client's request.  Until I started using it myself, I never imagined how useful it would be.

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Enhanced Log-Scale Time Series Charts

Not a big deal until you need it.  We've added the abilit to plot the grid lines for the sub-order of magnitude differences.

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EQuIS EnviroInsite Plots Data from dt_soil_gas_survey

Do you have soil gas data stored in your EQuIS database?  Visualize it now in EnviroInsite w/ EQuIS EnviroInsite.

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Come See Us At...

International Conference on Data Management

A lot of smart people sitting around talking about environmental data management. What could be better? I'm not only presenting, but EI is also one of the sponsoring companies. (

Portland Oregon, May 24 - 25

EQuIS User Group

I'll be learning the latest news on EQuIS development and sharing my own news on EnviroInsite for EQuIS EnviroInsite and other goodies for EQuIS users.

Atlanta, May 26

EnviroInsite Training Workshop

HDR has offered to host the next EnviroInsite training workshop.  We'll alert you to the date once that's firmed up.

Mahwah, New Jersey, July (date TBD)

International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy

Watch out for the EnviroInsite exhibitor booth and please do stop by to say hello if you will be attending.  If you've never been, this is one of the truly great conferences.

Amherst, Massachusetts, October 17 - 20, 2016, 


Our Client's Turn...

McLane Environmental LLC
Provincetown, Massachusetts Saltwater Intrusion

McLane Env. has mastered the execution of using EnviroInsite as a front-end tool for the AnAqSim analytical groundwater model by Fitts Geosolutions.

AnAqSim simulated water levels over WMS image in EnviroInsite
AnAqSim simulated velocity vectors
AnAqSim simulated particle tracks
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