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November 2016

Development News...

Cross-Tab Report

EnviroInsite is breaking new ground with a cross-tab report generated in an Excel spreadsheet.  Use the familiar EnviroInsite query tab to generate your data query and select applicable regulatory standards.  Click here to see the cross-tab report in action.

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Interactive Basemap Sizing

You could always manually set the coverage rectangle of inserted BIng Maps and Web Map Services images.  We've added a Draw Rectangle option to make it a little easier.  Click here to see how it's done.

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Date Format Control

EnviroInsite's data table and charts now takes advantage of the built-in date formatting capabilities in MS .NET.  Set the formattting just like you do in Excel!

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Hints and Tips...

View Templates

Sometimes you need the same set of objects in multiple views.  EnviroInsite includes a template feature to enable you to do that easily.  Save out the template in view 1 (View->Template->Save) and then load the template in view 2 to get the same set of objects.  Link to video.  

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Come See Us At...

EnviroInsite w/ EQuIS EnviroInsite Webinar

What could be better than a Monday afternoon webinar on your favorite piece of software?  Learn the basics of the EnviroInsite plug in to the popular EarthSoft EQuIS database.

November 21, 2016 at 1 pm eastern time. Email to sign up.

Boring Logs Webinar

We'll cover the design and generation of boring logs, including use of some of the new enhanced logging features.

December 5, 2016 at 1 pm eastn time.  Email to sign up.

You tell us!

We're looking for other opportunities to present or exhibit.  Let us know about any upcoming meetings by your professional societies.


Our Client's Turn...

Groundwater Monitoring Review
Western Water Associates Ltd.

Western Water's principal objective was to review groundwater chemistry from groundwater monitoring networks in a number of watersheds and to provide recommendations for improving those networks.  A secondary objective was to enhance the ability of staff at the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to interpret data and present findings to the public.  EnviroInsite served both of these tasks.  Results are presented in the final report, Review of Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Networks in the Okanagan Kootenay Region.   Click here to view the full report

Western Water made use of both contours and time-history plots to highlight the spatial and temporal patterns of a suite of analytes.  Here's a plot showing alkalinity.
Here's iron, including highlights of exceedances of regulatory standards.
They also used EI's x-section capabilities to show the relation between stratigraphy and water levels across a watershed.
Good use was made of piper diagrams to illustrate patterns in groundwater geochemistry.
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