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October 2016

Development News...

Boring Log Key Map

EnviroInsite does maps and EnviroInsite does boring logs, but up until now EnviroInsite hasn't done maps in boring logs.  With this new feature, EnviroInsite grabs the view window from the home-tab plan view and places it in the boring log at the requested location and size.  Thank you to the ERM UK office for funding this new feature.  

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Streamlined Interface

We've added a welcome Apply button to most of the dialog boxes to streamline the object editing process.  This allows you to make one or a couple of changes at a time and see the results without closing and reopening the dialog box.

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EnviroInsite Unhinged

Not the first time to have been called unhinged.  The new hinged leader style for data tables, charts, and location plots allows you to move an intermediate point on the leader line and drag it into place. Take a look at the example here to see how it works: Link to Video

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Come See Us At...

High Resolution Site Characterization and Emerging Contaminant Symposium

Central New York Association of Professional Geologists (Click for more info)

Syracuse, NY October 7, 2016

International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy

Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation (Click for more info)

Amherst, Massachusetts, October 17 - 20, 2016, 

Spider Diagram / Chembox Webinar

What could be better than a Monday morning webinar on your favorite piece of software?  Learn the many options and features of the EnviroInsite data table plot-object.

October 24, 2016 at 1 pm eastern time.  Email to sign up.


Our Client's Turn...

Grass Valley Platinum Mine, South Africa
University of Pretoria and GPT Global (2011) 

GPT Global was tasked with the execution of a hydrogeological investigation at the location of a proposed mine site.  The study was in part designed to determine the impacts of dewatering of opencast pits on a nearby river.  EnviroInsite was used to visualize the results of Rock Quality Designations determined during the installation of tens of geotechnical cores.

3d representation of fracture frequency highlighting relatively high rate of fracturing at depth.
One of several x-sections showing RQD in order to understand spatial trends and trends w/ depth.
3d model of RQD, highlighting increase in RQD approaching stream.
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