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February 2017

EnviroInsite — check out the new hints section
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February 2017

Development News…

Publish to the Web

EnviroInsite images can now be published to the web and viewed within dedicated web controls.  From within the web control, one of the previously uploaded images can be selected and then layers turned on and off.  Check out this link to a web page that hosts the dedicated control and this other link to a video that demonstrates how publish to the web.  We’re looking for client input on the utility of this feature and how it might be expanded, so let us know if you have an interest in seeing this feature get expanded out.

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Documentation Initiative

We know that our help-file documentation has seriously lagged behind the product advances.  The new knowledge base, videos and webinars have partly filled the gap, but they are not enough.  We’re going to fix this situation with a new online documentation system and with dedicated effort over the next couple of months to fill it out.

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New EQuIS Data Requirements Document

For the most part, the EnviroInsite w/ EQuIS K’Nect can be counted on to just work, however the newly available Data Requirements Document will go a long way to helping users to plan with new projects and resolve issues as they arise.  You can see it online or download a pdf from the knowledge base.  Also, check out the recording of our recent webinar on the same subject.

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Hints and Tips…

Advanced Piper Diagrams

The EnviroInsite Piper Diagrams are phenomenal in allowing for labels to be drawn that indicate the sampling location of each observation.  Sometimes however users need the symbol style and / or color to be dependent on sample features such as date, elevation, depth, stratigraphic unit samples, or location.  This can be done by creating two overlaid Piper Diagrams.  Each diagram would query a distinct set of data and have its own symbol color and style.  Click here to see a video demonstrating this capability.

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Give your Data Tables Some Style

By default, EnviroInsite data tables are black text on a white background.  Take time to give your data tables a little style by setting the header background to a dark shade and the title text to white.  We’ve also recently added the ability to indpendently set the text heights for the title area and body area, and to assign text styles for non-detects and field duplicates.  Watch our Spider Diagram webinar to get more ideas.

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Come See Us At…

Webinar on EnviroInsite Time Line and Animation

What could be better than a Monday afternoon webinar on your favorite piece of software?  Learn how to use the Time Line to get more done in less time.

March 13, 2017 at 1 pm eastern time. Email to sign up.

Association for Environmental Health and Sciences, San Diego

We’ll be in the exhibitor’s area at the AEHS Foundation’s 27th Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy and Air.

March 20 – 23 at Marriott Mission Valley in San Diego, California

National Ground Water Association Workshop, Columbus, Ohio

EI LLC will be one of the sponsors of the NGWA workshop on Groundwater Quality and Unconventional Oil and Gas Development on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

April 25 and 26

TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Conference

This is our first time at this well-attended Texas Commission on Environmental Quality event.  If you’re there drop by to say hello and get your free EI canvas tote bag!!

May 16 and 17 at the Austin Convention Center

Our Story

Originally written in 2002 as a tool for internal use at HydroAnalysis, the reaction of clients and other consultants made it clear that there was a need for a comprehensive and affordable data analysis tool tuned to the needs of environmental scientists and engineers working on hydrogeologic projects. Driven by continued internal use and testing and feedback from clients, the EnviroInsite feature set has grown rapidly as we continue to follow technical trends to make the program available to more people and easier to use than ever.

Thank you for your continued interest in EnviroInsite. Please send us a note if you would like more information on how EnviroInsite might be used at your office or have ideas for ongoing development.

Why EnviroInsite?

Piper diagrams, Stiff diagrams, and Schoeller diagrams enable you to analyze geochemistry. Fence diagrams, strip logs, and geologic modeling enable understanding of the hydrogeologic setting. Beyond that, georeferenced radial diagrams, Stiff diagram, pie charts, 3d surfaces, and particle tracking afford you tools to better understand the complex spatial and temporal relationships in your environmental data.

Tired of waiting for GIS staff to process your request? It's time to take control! EnviroInsite's expansive feature set leverages the power of the database to analyze your data in ways that would not be practical when divided between a handful of disparate applications.

The true power of EnviroInsite comes when staff work together using a single core application. Imagine for instance creating a document with multiple word processing applications or when only specially trained staff have access. That's standard operating procedure in analysis and visualization of environmental data. EnviroInsite provides the means to put that approach behind us.

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