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Case Studies

  • EnviroInsite georeferenced image

    Georeferenced image

    Georeference by point-and-click or with external world file.

  • Thematic mapping of surficial soils using shapefile data set

    Thematic Mapping

    Plot shapefiles that are formatted based on the values of dependent fields.

  • Georeferenced image

    Georeferenced image

    Add scale bar and axes.

  • Overlay Shapefile on Georeferenced Image

    Overlay Shapefile on Image

    Complete control over shapefile appearance based on object type or thematic mapping

  • Report-Style Layout

    Report-Style Layout

    Flexible design and then reuse layout style through template load/save.

  • EnviroInsite shapefile basemap

    Another Shapefile

    Clip shapefiles to project limits.

  • Web mapping service (WMS) basemap from USGS server

    USGS Web Mapping Service (WMS)

    Grab an image from your favorite WMS or from Bing Maps.

Our Story

Originally written in 2002 as a tool for internal use at HydroAnalysis, the reaction of clients and other consultants made it clear that there was a need for a comprehensive and affordable data analysis tool tuned to the needs of environmental scientists and engineers working on hydrogeologic projects. Driven by continued internal use and testing and feedback from clients, the EnviroInsite feature set has grown rapidly as we continue to follow technical trends to make the program available to more people and easier to use than ever.

Thank you for your continued interest in EnviroInsite. Please send us a note if you would like more information on how EnviroInsite might be used at your office or have ideas for ongoing development.

Why EnviroInsite?

Piper diagrams, Stiff diagrams, and Schoeller diagrams enable you to analyze geochemistry. Fence diagrams, strip logs, and geologic modeling enable understanding of the hydrogeologic setting. Beyond that, georeferenced radial diagrams, Stiff diagram, pie charts, 3d surfaces, and particle tracking afford you tools to better understand the complex spatial and temporal relationships in your environmental data.

Tired of waiting for GIS staff to process your request? It's time to take control! EnviroInsite's expansive feature set leverages the power of the database to analyze your data in ways that would not be practical when divided between a handful of disparate applications.

The true power of EnviroInsite comes when staff work together using a single core application. Imagine for instance creating a document with multiple word processing applications or when only specially trained staff have access. That's standard operating procedure in analysis and visualization of environmental data. EnviroInsite provides the means to put that approach behind us.

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